Friday, July 30, 2010

Intro - JennaKay Francis

A new place, a new beginning. Again. How often have I encountered a blank white page, paper or electronic, and wanted to fill it with words? I've lost count. Sometimes the words flow easily, as if an unseen narrator were feeding them to me. Other times, not so much. It's a struggle to get the words out, in the right order, making sense. Lately, it's been a struggle. I'm not sure why.

I've written dozens of books, some good, some not so much. I've written in different genres - science fiction, childrens, fantasy, erotica. I have to say that I'm the most comfortable in the fantasy genre. Although I did pen a short piece for Hitchcock Magazine way back in the day. It was for a contest and, although I didn't win, I did get an honorable mention.

I started working on my YA series The Guardians of Glede about 20 years ago. Yes, 20 years. It doesn't seem like it's been that long, though. I worked and reworked and reworked that first book; in fact the first three chapters. Then finally, I changed the main character's race and it all clicked together. The first three books discharged like a rocket on its way into space.

I had never intended on writing three books, let alone the 26 that now fill the series. I am playing around with book 27 even now. In the meantime, I tossed in three vampire books and three stand alone fantasy romances, plus a couple of erotic romances.

Now? I procrastinate. I find other things to occupy my time. I edit. I read. I refinish furniture. I contemplate. I always feel that I don't so much as create a story as I do simply retell it. The characters speak to me and I listen. Sometimes they take a break. And so do I.

But now, I feel another book burbling below the surface of my consciousness. I am waiting patiently for it to gel, come together, form itself. And I will be once again filling that blank, white page with words.

JennaKay Francis


  1. I can so relate with the procrastination part. That's been me for the past week after I finished the revision to my third novel. I find myself doing other things when I should be working on my latest project. Then the ideas bounce around in my head until like you mentioned, I type them out.

    It's always fun to read about other authors and see how we're not so different after all!

  2. Welcome, Jenna! Hey, after 20 years I think you deserve a break once in awhile :)

  3. Procrastination - the thing that keeps words off the page - but helps keep my house moderately clean!

  4. Hi Jenna,

    It's funny how our stories sometimes take off on their own and end up being more than we expected. 27th in the series. Wow! That's awesome.

    Loved reading about you. :)