Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Fane Queen

The Fane Queen is book 11 of The Guardians of Glede YA fantasy series. I briefly talked of the Fane in another post here. This is their story. This book is due to be released today from Writers Exchange E-Publishing. Here is a little snippit:

"Really?" Kitiara asked. "How old were they when they first met?"

Tavin shrugged. "I don't know. Fact is, I don't even know how old they really are. I've never asked, but probably in their sixties."

"Sixties?" Kitiara gasped. "Gods! They don't even look middle-aged yet!"

Tavin managed a weak smile. "They aren't. Not for elves. We can live up to two hundred years."

Kitiara stared at him, aghast. "What about Davans?" she asked Brann. "How long do Davans live?"

"The usual for humans," Brann replied. "Eighty or ninety years. Unless you're Brann van Tannen. Then your father kills you for running away twice in five months." He sat back down, drawing his knees up tight. "Mama is probably hysterical. I'm going to catch hell for this."

"You didn't have to come," Kitiara retorted, anger in her voice. "No one asked you to come running to my rescue. I was doing just fine."

"Really? And just how were you planning to pay for the magic?" Brann snapped.

Kitiara clenched her jaw, and shoved her hand into her pack. She drew out a small cloth pouch, and hurled it at him. He yelped as it struck his forehead, then fell to the ground, coins clinking. He picked it up, his gaze moving to meet hers.

"Where did you get this?"

"I borrowed it from your father," Kitiara seethed.


"I was going to pay him back."

"How?" Brann cried in fury, coming to his feet.

Tavin rose as well, and grabbed Brann's arm. "Calm down," he said softly, then sighed as Brann yanked away.

"How?" Brann demanded again of Kitiara, anger driving his tongue. "How were you going to get the money to pay him back?"

Fury and hurt crossed Kitiara's face, and she surged to her feet. "You just never let it go do you, Brann? Why did you take me to Odora Dava in the first place? Why couldn't you just leave me in Kartonn? Did you drag me away from the only home I knew just so you could keep throwing your moral judgments at me? I am who I am, Brann. The whore of Kartonn!"

"Does that mean you have to be the whore of Karsaba as well?" Brann screamed at her. "It has to stop somewhere, Kitiara! Or do you plan on working your way across Glede?"

Kitiara gasped, and slapped him full across the face. He sucked in his breath, staggering backward. Without a word, she snatched up her pack, and stormed away. Within seconds, she was lost from sight.

I will be posting the first chapter on my website sometime today as well, just as soon as I get the files from my publisher. Hope you enjoyed this snippit.

JennaKay Francis


  1. What a gorgeous cover. The excerpt is great too. It makes me want to read more. Best of luck with your new novel.

  2. @ Janet - Thanks!

    @Beverly - thank you. the cover is by my wonderful artist Glenda Diana. There are two covers, one with animation. I'm not sure which one will be put on the site. But the Fane will actually sparkle on one of them. :)