Monday, December 6, 2010

Do you give books as gifts?

I was going over my Amazon Wish List (yeah, I have a Christmas list, but it's easier than remembering what I want when my relatives ask), and realizing I have probably a dozen books on it. I never used to ask for books, because I would just go and get what I wanted when I wanted it.

But books are a GREAT gift. They're usually inexpensive, so you can give more than one. They don't expire, and don't need to be fitted. You can read them over and over and share them with others. There's usually no messy return issues, unless you get duplicates. There is the issue of them cluttering up the house, but I think that's a wonderful problem to have. Unless, like me, you have a Kindle on your list (I have the PC software too), or own an ebook reader, then you can give even MORE books as gifts, because usually ebooks are cheaper, AND there's spacial issue. I have a few books I really want in hardcover, because they're continuations of series I adore, but I am happy to receive ebooks as gifts.

I don't know when I decided that books would make good gifts. It just never occurred to me before. But I got a pile last year, and LOVE it. If my son read faster, he'd get more books as gifts - at this point I think I'm going to be drowning in LEGOs come December 26. I'm hoping that as he gets older he'll want more books, because I'd love to have my sun room back, to take down the toy shelves and fill it with bookshelves and a comfy reading chair...someday. And then I'll miss the toys, because I'll miss him being little and playing with toys. You can't win, I know that.

But anyway... we here at YAAYNHO have all written books. AND those book would make GREAT gifts! (sorry for the shameless plug, but it's that season.) And if you don't generally give books, WHY NOT??? If you email me, I have some copies of all my books here at the house. IF you drop me an email, I can sell you a copy and ship it to you. It will even be autographed!  Or you can buy one somewhere else, and drop me an email, and I will mail you an autographed bookplate to put inside. I'm not sure, but there's a chance some of the other YAAYNHO may have a similar setup. Wouldn't that be a nice gift - a box of autographed books?

In other news, somewhere in the hustle and bustle of the end of semester, holiday madness, and getting a new job (yay me!), my next book has gotten ready for release. It's not out QUITE yet, mostly because of some issues at the Library of Congress having to do with their software upgrade that took twice as long as it should have and shouldn't have affected my book because the publisher applied for the data weeks before they had their computer issues, but hopefully by the end of the week it will be available for purchase. I got the final cover art yesterday:

Isn't it pretty? My website has been updated with the new blurb and all, but the links aren't live. As soon as the book is ready, I'll hook it all up. It's a wildly exciting story, full of adventure and intrigue and big giant serpents. Which all a story needs, isn't it?

Perfect for someone's holiday list :)


  1. Ooo, pretty cover! Can't wait to read it!

    Yes, I give books as gifts, though nowadays I've switched to giving the next-door-neighbor kids gift cards at the local bookstore so they can choose their own books. Even the four-year-old loves to make her own decision.

  2. I couldn't agree more!

    Books make great Channukah and Christmas presents!

    Love the cover.

  3. Books make a terrific gift at any time of the year, but there's nothing like seeing stacks of wrapped ones under the tree!

  4. I'm giving books as Christmas gifts this year. I found this very fascinating book about Marilyn Monroe for my mother. Seems Marilyn wrote poetry or fragments as the book title suggests.

    Love your cover!

  5. Kathy - GC's to bookstores are also great! I have an aunt with a Nook, and she uses those GC's to fill it up, so she doesn't blow her whole budget on instantly purchased ebooks.
    Kim - I love that idea. Books are terribly versatile, and easy to ship, too! I'm thinking about that as I consider how I'm going to squeeze three pillow pets into a box for my niece and nephews to mail to South Carolina... should have bought more books.

  6. I don't actually give books as gifts, but I give bookstore giftcards :-D

  7. I love getting bookstore giftcards especially since people who know me, know how hard it is to buy a book for me since I read so much.

  8. Add me to the list. My grandkids and g-grandkids get books, but this year I'm sending bookstore gift cards since they live far away and I'm not sure what books they have. This way, they can choose their own. I have a Wish List at Amazon too and one son and daughter-in-law usually look at it. I'd enjoy gift certificates too so I could buy for my iPad.
    Beautiful cover, Christine. Actually, I've been jotting down our member's books to check on them. Merry Christmas or Channukah or whatever you celebrate.

  9. Books as gifts? You bet. My daughter's Christmas list this year consisted almost exclusively of books - plus an alarm clock and a fish.

    My nieces and nephews are all getting books too - paired with toys and games.

  10. Such nice gentle plugging, Christine. ;-)

    I have occasionally given books to friends who read a lot. However, I don't do it very often since I'm not sure what they own. Beyond that, in a couple of cases, my friends are into literary fiction, about which I know nothing. My only hope of pleasing them would be working from the NY Times book list.

    I'd be delighted if my friends had wish lists at Amazon.

  11. Always give books at Christmas and love to receive them or gift cards so I can pick my own electronic ones. In our family this was the gift my father gave to each of us every Christmas and for birthdays. I'm fortunate to have readers among my grandchildren and they love to receive books in their stockings.

  12. Books make great Christmas gifts. Birthdays too! We are giving several books as gifts this year.

  13. I just gave son's art teacher a signed copy of CROSSED OUT. She was so excited she shared the gift with the rest of the homeschool kids, who were very excited too. One teen asked, "You wrote that?" When I said, I did, she said "cool!"