Thursday, February 10, 2011

Staying connected and other thoughts

Two weeks ago, the fan on my computer stopped cooling the machine and so it was sent out for repairs. I was no longer connected except for the small notebook my son loaned me with orders that I was not allowed to download anything onto it. I tried to read my email but the print was very small and the thing took forever to load. So I toughed it out. I know some people find interesting things to do when they can't access their computers. I did, sort of. I write by hand so I was able to continue with my current project but of course the typing got behind. I also found some time to do a bit of housework but I didn't do the floors. It's winter and doing the hardwood floors doesn't really work. Tracked snow leaves footprints. I did learn one can live without being connected. Then the computer returned and I was faced with some 300 emails. I wonder how many weren't delivered since the mailbox was crammed.

Another thing that's been puzzling me lately is how writers talk about The Book of Their Heart. I sat and tried to figure if I'd ever written mine. The conclusion was that there are some forty or more books of my heart out there. When I'm working on a story it becomes the book of my heart and remains until another displaces it. What about you do you hold one book above the others or like a mother do you love all your books, maybe not equally but differently the way we consider our children?


  1. Glad you have your computer back. I depend on mine more than I should, but I do most of my writing on the computer.

    My favorite book is usually the one I'm working on at the moment, like you say yours is. I still love the others, but give most of my attention to the new one.

  2. I think it's good for us to do without our gadgets every once in a long while. Helps us appreciate it more and can work as a reality check. I know I'm addicted to mine. :)

    Like Beverly, my favorite book tends to be the one I'm working on at the time. Some do hold fonder memories than others, but they're all my children in a way. :P

  3. I picked up a virus from one on-line YA chat. My whole computer just froze. Even though dh is a computer programmer, I was without my laptop for almost a week.

    I went nuts.

    I'd have to say every book I write is special to me. To me it's like giving birth. Each book is like one of my children. I also have a hate-love relationship during the whole revision, editing process. But each one of my books is my own creation and world. I still get a kick out of people, including my family, asking, "Where did you get that imagination?"