Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Read an E-Book Week March 6-12, 2011

It's almost here: Read an E-Book Week. I had no idea E-Books had been around as long as they have. Now I know.

The following is from the Read an E-Book Week site and from Twilight Times Books.
"E-BOOKS TURN 40! That's right - it's been forty years since Michael S. Hart created the first "e-book". With the advent of e-books, e-book libraries were needed. Enter Mr. Hart, once again, with Project Gutenberg.

"... in just the six days from Chrismas to a little before New Year's Eve Project Gutenberg gave away ONE MILLION eBooks in less than 140 hours. . .from just one site, and there were hundreds, if not thousands, of sites handing out Gutenberg's eBooks ..."

Many publishers will be offering free give-aways of their books so check out the Read an E-Book site for more information. Twilight Times Books is offering free books at Twilight Times. (Links above) Now's your chance to stock up on some great reads. Among them are:

Behold the Eyes of Light - Geoff Geauterre
Darrell Bain's World of Books - Darrell Bain
How I Wrote My First Book: the story behind the story - Anne K. Edwards and Lida E. Quillen, Editors (My story about the book that was never published is here.)
Jerome and the Seraph - Robina Williams
Literary Sampler - Mayra Calvani, Aaron Paul Lazar and Anne K. Edwards
No Place for Gods - Gerald Mills
Striking Back from Down Under - Dr. Bob Rich
The Last to Fall - Anne K. Edwards
Tremolo: cry of the loon - Aaron Paul Lazar
Who is Margaret? What is She? and Other Stories - Celia A. Leaman.

Several of Twilight Times titles will also be available at a 50 % discount from OmniLit during the week of March 6-12. All of TT books are available at a 20 % discount from Barnes & Noble. So the week of March 6 to 12 is a good time to add some great E-Books to your list. I just haven't decided which ones I want the most. Working on it.

A number of publishers are also offering giveaways during the week.

If some of you have E-Books you or your publisher are promoting, please list them in your comments so we'll know about them.
I always like "free" stuff. I think it goes back to my teaching days, when I was always looking for materials and books for my classroon. "Free" was the magic word.

Happy reading and writing.


  1. I'll be posting this to several lists I belong to. I wasn't sure of the dates until now. Thanks for the heads up. I do have a free anthology I'm giving away. Was originally for Valentine's Day but would fit for this.

  2. Great. I wouldn't have known about it except for my publisher. Like I need any more books to read. :)

  3. My first YA fantasy EARRINGS OF IXTUMEA is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Fictionwise.

    CROSSED OUT is available on my publlisher's website:
    I can't really recommend the Kindle version as they've had some issues with it.

  4. Hey, Bev, thanks for the heads-up!

  5. My books are available in eformat. THE CRYSTAL THRONE, AGENTS & ADEPTS, and TALKING TO TREES can be found at Fictionwise, Amazon, and Amber Quill Press.

  6. Earrings of Ixtumea and Crossed Out are both great books. I enjoyed reading them.

    Thanks for telling us about the other books. My list is growing. :)