Monday, May 30, 2011

Kindle Offspring

For Christmas 2007, my husband Tod surprised me with a Kindle purchase order. I had told him I was curious about it so he ordered one for me. Kindle was so new to the ebook scene and the demand was so great, mine didn’t arrive until late January. I wrote about my love for it in Kindle Spirits.

A couple months ago my daughter Ema ordered the new Kindle Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology. She brought it over right away. We oohed about the slim new look, and ahhed at the faster speed. We swooned over the improvements in e-ink technology. The screen is way easier on the eyes than my First Gen.

But – if I upgraded to a new Kindle what would I do with my First Gen? I couldn’t just sell it to some stranger on eBay. My First Gen means something to me. We had shared our love of ebooks for over three years.

Then on my birthday this month, Tod and Ema interrupted me in my office while I was reading. I set aside my Kindle and opened the presents they handed me. The first one was a new Kindle and the second was a new cover. There they were – my two Kindles side-by-side on my desk. It was a poignant moment.

While Ema reminded me about all the great features on the new Kindle and showed off the nifty little sliding book light on the new cover, I felt mixed emotions. I had to admit the leaner, faster, and easier to read new Kindle was enticing. It has all the improvements I longed for. I caressed it in my hands.

But I felt so guilty about my First Gen. Finally I held it up and asked, “But what do I do with this?”

“Give it to Hailey,” Ema said.

Hailey is my 9-year old granddaughter. She loves to read. She also just “graduated” from elementary school.

“What a great idea!” I said. “A perfect elementary school graduation gift.”

So I wiped and de-registered my First Gen and wrapped it up. Hailey’s face lit up when she opened it. “I can’t believe it. My very own Kindle!”

My first Kindle is now Hailey’s first Kindle. She’s thrilled. I’m happy. I can’t think of a better solution all the way around. Together Hailey and the First Gen will share their joy and love of books.

Ah, spring and the shiny new Kindle. I’m in love all over again. Now please excuse me while I go read an ebook …

Peggy Tibbetts

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  1. Great post! One big argument everyone has about putting middle grade books on Kindle is that 'kids don't have e-readers'. But they do! Not all of them, but as the technology comes down in price more will! And more than that they have access to their parent's Kindles.

  2. Exactly! If kids don't own an ebook reader they do have access to ebooks through their parents' ereaders, iPads, iphones or other devices. Thanks Che.

  3. My own ten year old son loves reading off my Nook and Kindle. As a matter of fact he thinks that since I purchased my Nook, he should have my Kindle.

    Kim Baccellia

  4. Well of course you should give him your kindle -- LOL