Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Imagine That

Well, hello there.
It's been a crazy couple of weeks here. Started with an earthquake, which quickly segued into a hurricane (okay, maybe that's not exactly how it happened, but it sure seemed like it.) I must say that we got off easy with Hurricane Irene - 36 hours with no power, but no property damage.
However, the loss of power, meant we had to do the work of the sump pump, and couldn't leave on our vacation as scheduled.
But the sun came out, the power came on and we headed out for vacation.
One of the places we stopped was Watkins Glen, New York. Oh my, there are some pretty waterfalls there. It had been awhile since I'd been there, but one particular waterfall seemed very familiar to me.

Posted by PicasaThat's because the memory of this waterfall - a waterfall you can walk behind - was the inspiration for a waterfall in my current WIP.

See, in my story, my main character goes behind a waterfall and suddenly finds herself 150 years in the past (luckily that didn't happen to me when I went behind this waterfall.) The waterfall, and the ability to go behind it, are very important to the story.

And it all started with this very waterfall, right here. Seeing it again was like re-visiting an old friend.

Last time I was there I didn't know it was going to be so integral to a story of mine, but I let my imagination get carried away, and I really like where it took me.

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  1. Don't you love when that happens? A YouTube video my SIL shared with us gave me a great twist for my sequel. You never know what will inspire something in your WIP.