Monday, April 23, 2012

Why does everything in publishing take so long?

Okay look. I know I'm cheaping out again by copying my personal blog to this one. But the last month has been completely insane, and I'm still getting over bronchitis. Now I have to get ready for the three appearances I have to make in five weeks (starting 3 weeks from now), and hopefully getting everything ready to launch The Sword of Danu at Balticon.

I didn't copy the whole blog, I'm just sticking in the video blog I made. I've been doing these for awhile, if you follow my Wordpress blog, but with everything going haywire at once, it's been awhile. This is just a little talk about the truth of publishing -- namely, it's S-L-O-W.



  1. I hope to see you at Balticon this year. I'm not doing my World Building program this year I'm just going to have fun.

  2. I'm about to have this discussion with a friend who is just starting out. This would be a good primer!

  3. Thanks Ophelia! I've been hearing so many people around the internet just who get on blogs and forums and bash their former agents because he or she didn't do (fill in the blank) in what seems a ridiculous amount of time. Six months? No way. Two years? Well, then maybe. But not every book sells and few sell quickly. Many of those people then invariably go on to self-publish, so...

    People need to understand what's going on while their manuscript is out there :)

    LM - See you there!

  4. Advice for those who don't want to wait - self-pub. There are plenty of places out there that the newbie can pay to go ahead and publish their manuscript if they don't have any patience. I've been on both sides, no agent, and fast turn around time for my first book to be published through a traditional publisher (Literally 6 weeks from contract to publication) as well as self-pubbing. Just saying if they want their book published fast, they need to look at the other side of the coin. Not that it is the right way to go for their particular book; only they would know. For me it was right to walk away from my publisher and self-pub using createspace secondary to mine being such a large series and needing to get books out quicker than one a year. But again, you have to do what is right for your book and you. - E :)

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  5. What else can I say? Publishing is slow.

    Enjoyed your video, Christine. I hope to learn to make them soon.