Friday, May 11, 2012

The Vlog Experience Continues

I finally got down to making a video reading, one of the original ideas I'd had as to why I might want to vlog.

Below is the finished product - a reading of the first chapter of the YA Fantasy novel Willing Sacrifice.

As you'll note, I tried to add some extra bling to the reading. Editing the thing caused me all sorts of issues. Mostly during the conversion phase. But perseverance has its rewards. :P And I was finally able to find some advice on how to help with all the extra noise I kept picking up during previous recordings. (Having vents and air-conditioning going is not conducive to good sound recording, but in Texas there's little choice. Doh!)

However, this did not mean some unwanted sounds didn't make it through. Listen carefully for our dog - she's chewing on something somewhere. You might even catch a glimpse of Serenity flashing past in the background. Might see one of the cats, too! (Yeah, they weren't helping.)

Again I must ask myself if I'm insane. Having done just audio recordings before, I'm not sure why I thought this would be easier. Oi! But I am a sucker for playing with software, tech toys, and trying out new things. Heh heh.

Oh and if you want to read along and see how badly I butchered this, here's a link for Chapter 1.


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  1. Your very brave! I don't know that I could read my work for any kind of recording. Heck, I can't even read my work at signings and things like that. That aside, the story sounds fascinating!