Thursday, November 29, 2012

Here We Go Again

Probably used that title before, but, we go again. LOL It's winter here in the northern hemi. I don't care much for winter. I like sunshine, although I'm also not a fan of extreme heat. Nice and moderate, 72-75 with sunny skies and a nice gentle breeze off the ocean. Do I hear Hawaiian music? Anyway, I digress. This winter is being especially trying on me. Not actually because of the weather either. It's been wierdly nice here up until a few weeks ago. Now we have our usual winter weather - gloom, gray, rain, more gloom. Day after unrelenting day. I live for those moments that the sun manages to pierce the darkness and let in a little natural Vitamin D. I strain to catch a glimpse of blue sky - anywhere. It really does lift my spirits. Add to all of this gray dreaydom, the holidays, and well, there you go - or here we go again. Seems to me that people should be a little nicer come the holidays, a little more thankful for whatever they do have, a little more courteous. But...well...doesn't seem that way. Watching news shows about the fighting during Black Friday is bad enough, but actually getting out in the mayhem that is the holidays is not for the faint of heart. Traffic whizzes past me on the freeway, completely ignoring the speed limit signs and the cops scattered here or there. After all, they can't stop us all, now can they? seems to be the prevailing thought process. Fighting over parking spots at the mall. Chewing out the cashier because he or she isn't moving fast enough. Complaining when an item is out of stock. (My goodness, will you die if you have to wait? I mean, actually die?) Everyone is in a huge hurry, tailgating, passing, cutting each other off. I had a city bus almost take me out today because he was in such a hurry that he only saw the person waiting at the bus stop at the last moment, and so swerved in front of me to make the stop. It's frightening out there. The only thing that seems to quiet the chaos, to calm the roar, is good snowfall. No one here knows how to drive in the snow. All of the hills are littered with cars, while people hoof it. But, at least, it's quiet. But then, the snow melts, and, well, you know what that means - here we go again. (Pictures would have been included but my computer decided to simply die on me, with no warning. Just dead. I am using a borrowed computer to do this blog. So, no nice pictures of Hawaii.)

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  1. There's nothing I can think of I want so much that I'd fight the crowds on Black Friday. Or Monday or any day. I hate to shop anyway. Online is pretty good. No people!

    Ah, Hawaii. Would be nice. Enjoyed your post.