Friday, June 28, 2013

With Apologies Computer Woes and Writing

Yesterday I spent several hours trying to figure what was going on with my computer. I am not a computer guru. After trying on my own I went to get help. Two phone calls later things were in order.
Fortunately I am able to follow directions, well, sort of. That's why it took two phone calls. Fortunately those I talked to were very patient and to those brave men I give cyber hugs. Needless to say I did very little on the computer the rest of the day.

What do you do when there are glitches in what you want to do? I spend a lot of time stewing and trying things before I ask for help.

It's rather like that when I'm writing. The story is not going well. So I stew trying this and that. Sometimes I even put what I'm working on aside. Then I discovered the fault lies in not knowing where my story is going. Mostly it's because I've chosen the wrong focus character. This is not necessarily the character whose point of view I'm working in but the character who has the most to lose. Once I force myself to look at the characters things fall into place.

That's why I had to make two phone calls. The first time solved some of the problems but not the one that I didn't see. That was the focus. Now I've mastered that problem both with the writing and the computer. Until the next one arrives.

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