Friday, September 27, 2013

Pictures of Texas

Howdy all!

Life has been chaos. It's weird, but seems to occur more often than expected. lol. My plate runeth over - It's amazing how often I feel that way. Probably because I do have too much to do. But so do most of us.

Anyway, a nice way to relax from the ever present stress of life, work, marketing, and yes, having fun, is to look at beautiful things. And nature is so awesome as to present them to us on a regular basis - all we have to do is stop long enough to take a look.

As fall approaches, the sunrises have been so very colorful lately!

So many lovely hues. 

Gopher playing a guitar?

I keep having to remind myself to look before I step inside work or I'll forget to drink in the sunrise. 

Can you see the metal cranes?

This ship was an accidental and totally awesome find! Wish I could have spent more time looking and photographing it, but it was in a working side of the restaurant. So cool!

Hope you have an awesome weekend!


  1. Gorgeous photos. I take a lot of pictures of clouds. They fascinate me. They sometimes remind me of people. Happy clouds, angry clouds. I don't know they're just part of our beautiful world.

    Yes, I see the cranes. And the ship is great. The tall ships with masts are also things I like. Thanks, Gloria.