Monday, June 16, 2014

Ah the ups and downs of publishing..

Hallo my freaky darlings!

It's been a long month. Last month I spent three weekends in a row on the road, doing promotional stuff. It was all fun, but tiring when you have to return to a five-day-a-week full time job too. Especially when you just started said job. It was a rough start, but now we're almost to summer and things are quieting down. I love being a school librarian, but yanno, if I had the means to just write and promote all the time, and travel all over to do it, I'd be there.

So now I'm turning toward the next things on the agenda. I have the NJSCBWI conference coming up on the 27th, and then CONvergence over Independence Day. I'm starting to really work on promoting A CURSE OF ASH AND IRON. The manuscript has been edited, and copyedited, and turned over for proofreading. July will bring ARCs and the book being sent out on NetGalley for pre-publication reviews. I am setting up my fall appearance schedule a little bit.

I have a place in mind for the launch, which will be a Victorian tea party of sorts, and I think it will be at a local tea house. Super fun!

But, as with every endeavor, nothing goes perfectly. We make plans, God laughs, or whatever. Whether it's Mercury in retrograde, or Murphy's law, or just my luck, I don't know. But I'm still waiting for the cover. I have the cover reveal scheduled for June 19th, but I will have to push it back unless I get the cover today or at the latest tomorrow. The publisher is upset at the delay as well. I don't know the reason, but these things happen. I trust the artist, the awesome Steven Meyer-Rassow, will make it everything I want and it will be awesome.

And as much as I want the cover reveal to happen, more pressing is getting promotional swag made up for those above-mentioned upcoming appearances. I NEED to have something for CONvergence. I'm sure I'll have the cover before then *crosses fingers* and if needs be I can get Staples to print them same day. It'll be tight, but totally not a major crisis. Do you hear me? NOT. A. CRISIS.

Maybe you can all light a candle that the cover comes in time for the scheduled reveal? Pretty Please?

Just another day in the exciting world of publishing! LOL.


  1. Lighting a candle for the cover to come in time for the reveal. Congratulations on the book. Take a deep breath. That's good. The tea party sounds like lots of fun.
    Yes, the publishing world is crazy. Take another deep breath. There's the cover.