Monday, August 11, 2014

Fall TV is coming!!

I have always been a media junkie. I love movies, though most of the ones I see are on DVD. And I love a GOOD TV show. I don't watch a ton of reality TV, and definitely NOT things like Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, or any other 'scripted reality'. I like Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Cake Boss. Which are edited, sure, but seem much more organic than stuff like the Kardashians (gag).

But really well written TV is something I adore. What's coming this fall is making me squee with delight!


If you know anything about me, you know I am a Fairy Tale junkie. Even more a mash-up junkie. I've been watching this since Day One. The second season was a bit difficult, but once they added the Wizard of Oz, I was re-hooked. Frozen features this season??? Elsa and Anna? How can I resist?

I know the first half of the season was kind of slow. But once you got to December/January, it took off like a rocket! My son and I watch this together, and we are addicted! Cannot WAIT for the new season!

My son loves this show so much he wants to be Agent Coulson for Halloween. Seriously. Not, not Ironman or Captain America. Agent Phil Freaking Bad-Ass Coulson. 


Uh, duh. Of COURSE I am watching this. First of all, I love the movies with Noah Wylie. The first two were better than the third, IMO, but I adore the concept. I mean, secret library, ancient artifacts...sound familiar? If not, go pick up some of my Library of Athena books. Like, right now. 

I have every hope that the new series has all the fun of the TV show. *crosses fingers* And it has Christian Kane, from LEVERAGE, so that's good. *eye candy* And, of course, it's about LIBRARIANS. I could only hope my day job was as exciting.

And of course....


A new Doctor. New adventures. This is technically a 'summer start' show, but I wouldn't be a good Whovian if I forgot it! I don't even have an inkling about what's going to happen, I've avoided all the trailers. I only know it will be darker and less 'silly'. Which is okay.

I also have no idea who the third guy is. But I'm willing to wait to find out.

Those are just three of the shows I'm looking forward to. There's also GRIMM (which I'm a whole season behind on, but watch on Amazon anyway), CASTLE, SLEEPY HOLLOW, and all the crime shows I usually watch. 

Bring on the Fall!!!


  1. My list overlaps with yours but also includes Supernatural!

  2. I thought of you when I saw the preview for THE LIBRARIANS! You and your one YA series!

    I can't wait for SLEEPY HOLLOW; GRIMM; TVD(hoping it is better than last season as I was totally upset they killed Damon off); CRISTELA(hope it's not a bunch of stereotypes but will give this new Latino comedy a shot); and FOREVER. Have to wait for the DVD of OUTLANDER as I refuse to pay for STARZ.