Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back To School - Back To Routine

It's back to school day in our house today. Can't say anyone is too happy about it. It's also a little bittersweet. This is my daughter's Senior year of high school. This is the last public school first day she's going to have.

And as much as I've enjoyed the more relaxed atmosphere of the summer (by which I mean specifically not having to make sure my 14-year-old is up at a specific time) I am looking forward to getting back to a writing routine.

August was particularly unproductive, largely because I spent a lot of time not home, between vacation and college visits. But now things will revert to routine and I can get productive again. I've got several projects to work on. My fourth Ali book is waiting a final read-through and edit before handing it in to my publisher. I have another book that needs to move beyond the first draft state and get gussied up in revisions, and right now I'm working on a first draft of another book. Routine will do me good.

In other news, and another reason to be happy about September, my third Ali book, HONESTLY, ALI will be available very soon. Saw a concept cover today and can't wait to share the final product. In HONESTLY, ALI, Ali finds herself dealing with a lot of academic and friend issues it's a perfect back to school read.

Hope you all have a productive September!
And as a bonus back-to-school picture from when the kids were still in elementary school.
How time flies! (My son is now a head taller than his sister)

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