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This month I've been busy with the A to Z Challenge and haven't a clue what to write about today. Posting every day but Sunday isn't easy. So I'm sharing interesting email with you today. Enjoy.

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Self-Talking Yourself Into Becoming a Better Writer, a Better

By Karen Cioffi

I’ve long believed the benefits of positive thinking and positive projection.

Now, in line with these philosophies, there is positive self-talk.

In an article at, “Why Saying is Believing,” it explains the

importance of not only talking to yourself, but how you talk to yourself.

Researchers delved into the influence that referring to the ‘self’ has on

how the individual thinks, feels, and even behaves.

Interestingly, the studies are finding that talking to yourself as ‘I’ or ‘me’ can

create stress.

Why does this matter?

According to “psychologist Ethan Kross of the University of Michigan led the

work, studying the pronouns people use when they talk to themselves silently,
inside their minds.” Kross went on to explain that the subtle linguistic shift
from ‘I’ to your name can have “powerful self-regulatory effects.” (1)

As an example, suppose I say every morning: “I’m going to take actions to

get 50 new subscribers to my mailing list this month.” According to the studies,
this is creating subconscious stress on fulfilling my goal.

If instead I said, “Karen, you’re going to take actions to get 50 new subscribers

to your mailing list this month,” I’m reducing the stress by kind of making
myself someone else who’s being talked to. Kind of like being coached or
advised. And, the ‘talking’ tends to be done in a milder, less demanding way
when done this way.

So, how will this help you with your writing and marketing?

Well, why not give it a try. Even if its only benefit is to reduce some stress in

your life, it’s powerful. On the other hand, if it reduces stress and helps
motivate you to take action to work toward building a successful business,
then it’s super-powerful.

I'll be giving it a try.
To check out the references, please visit the post webpage.


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