Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Diversions in Verse"

In honor of National Poetry Month, I have taken a hiatus from writing fiction. I have committed to writing at least a poem a day. Here is my first sonnet in over 20 years:

When I watch water falling in the spring

Like tears soaking into a bed of earth,

I cease to remember the joy it brings

To observe nature's miraculous births;

When stormy tantrums envelop the sky

And lightning gives temporal webs of light

As cacophonous thunder roars nearby,

Small children cling to their mothers in fright:

At last, behold the light after the storm

As dreary clouds reveal glitter within

Air swirls, thick and sweet, in purest form,

And sun's tender rays caresses the earth's skin;

Then run and skip across the muddy plain

Live like a child delighted by the rain.

Since writing fiction is my work, poetry is now my escape. Authors, do you turn to poetry, short stories, or articles as an "escape" from writing novels...or is it just me?

If you enjoy poetry, then visit my blog. I'm posting poetry and giving away two copies of my book this month. :)


  1. I wrote poetry and have even had some published. For me poetry was a way to better my fiction writing. For me it was always too intense and writing one took days and weeks of agony. I recently had three of the old ones published in a Vanilla Heart's Valentine's Day anthology. One was a sonnet.

  2. Occassionally I write a poem, but mostly I like to write articles as a change of pace from my fiction writing.

    Your poem is lovely, Kimberly. I've been enjoying the ones on your blog, too.

  3. JL, congrats on having your poems published. I think writing poetry helps me to write more poetic prose.

    Beverly, do you ever post your poems or do you keeep them "locked up" in your computer? I would like to read them. Thanks for keeeping up with my blog and poetry. I smile every time you leave a comment.