Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Never Say Never

When I was a young thing, I used to look at the silly things some people did and say "I'll never do that." Maybe you can relate. Here are some of my nevers:

1. I'll never get married. My dream was to be either an opera singer (hahaha), a ballerina (graceful as a giraffe), or an ice skater (no comment).

2. I'll never have children. Dirty diapers, throw up, phew. (Hope you're not eating while you read this.)

3. I'll never be a teacher. My teachers were all old. And kids played tricks on you.

4. I'll never be a nurse. The sight of blood makes me faint.

5. I'll never be a writer. Had enough of writing in school. Making outlines and topic sentences. Ugh.

Fast forward to the magical years when I'm considered an adult and can do pretty much whatever I please, so long as it's legal.

1. Marriage: I got married right out of high school. Instead of being an opera singer, a ballerina, or an ice skater, I was a housewife, secretary, clerk typist, and college student.

2. Children: I had four sons, three still living. I changed tons of dirty diapers. (This was before throw-a-ways, so they had to be washed too.) And I won't mention the other, in case you have a weak stomach.

3. Teacher: I graduated from the university and became ... you guessed it ... a teacher.

4. Nurse: I'm not officially a nurse, but I keep my husband's prescriptions in order, I stab his finger for blood sugar tests. (The blood oozes out.) I fill his syringes with insulin.

5.Writer: My five novels for tweens and teens are out, with five more stories under contract.

So no longer do I say "I'll never do ..." because life is funny and I may just end up doing exactly what I say I won't do.

How about you? Are you doing things today you said you'd never do? If you are, remember Never say never.

Happy reading and writing.


  1. The greatest advice I received from my father was not to say never. He felt that one should say I'll try that. Much of my life has been aimed on that principle. That's why I'm a writer. Being a writer means one gets to try new things.

  2. Fathers are so wise. If only we'd listen to them more often.

    Yes, one of the perks of being a writer.

  3. Bev: you never cease to amaze me! I love learning these details about you! And wow - 5 more books under contract??!!! I bow before you!

  4. Thanks, Darby. You must remember how many years I've been in this business. It was a long time before any of my stories were published. :)

  5. Ah yes! I was one of those saying I'd never had children. Was able to at least stop the tendency at one kid. She was enough of a handful. Love her dearly but one was plenty.

    But you have a very valid point. Never say never. You just never know. :)

  6. LOL. My big one was I'd never in a bazillion years live in Southern California. (I'm from Sacramento). So what happens? I go to BYU and the only guy I date from So. Ca I marry!

    Also my bishop told me what would happen if I got called to serve a mission for my church in East LA in an attempt to discourage me from sending in my papers. What happens? Well, I didn't go on a mission but I did end up getting a teaching job in a school district very close to East LA. I was a bilingual teacher.