Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Summer

This summer I’d hoped to write tons and get my sequel finished. Well, that kind of went out the window when my mother in law informed us she decided to move back to California. No, not with us but she wants to find a condo. That in itself is a story in the making. Instead I’ll discuss the positive things of my summer.

1. I was mentioned at SCBWI Nationals on Saturday!

2. CROSSED OUT is now available at Fictionwise:

3. I ended up brushing up the first 10 pages of my sekrit project to send off so I can attend my region’s SCBWI Editor’s Day this October. I’m really excited as Greg Ferguson of Egmont will be there as will Rebecca Frazer of Sourcebooks. Both of these publishers have been beyond fantastic to me with my YA Books Central reviewing gig. So it’ll be fun to actually meet them in person!

Some shows I enjoyed:

Captain America

Loved this tale of an underdog who ends up becoming a hero.  Bittersweet ending.  Just the way I love them.

Nine Lives of Chloe King

I really love this character.  She's likeable and very down to earth even when she finds out she's not in fact human.  The love triangle is believable and not over the top either.  Oh, did I mention the one hottie's father is part of an organization to kill Chloe?

Drop Dead Diva

This show is about a drop dead model who ends up dying and coming back to life in the body of a plus sized lawyer.  I love the writing, the chemistry, and just about everything.  I mean, how many stories have heroines that are plus sized?
Some great reads:

I love stories that deal with sensory issues and this one is no exception.  The author shows us a character that deals with synesthesia which is very similar to what my own son deals with. 

Under the Mesquite

Ok, this book comes out next month but the e-galley is available on Netgalley.  What I love about this story is it's Sandra Cisneros feel with it's language told in free verse style.  Lupita is a teen that deals with two worlds-Mexico and the US.  When her mother gets cancer, she has to take on more responsibilities in the family.  This is a beautifully written novel with a strong and courageous heroine.


What I love about this story is it's a dystopia meets the Greek underworld.  Also the author didn't take the traditonal path on publishing but rather it came out as an ebook.  This story has sizzling hot chemistry with characters that are nothing short of amazing.  The writing is gripping.  And even better it's $2.99!  A great summer read!


  1. Sounds is though you've had an exciting summer. I'm not familiar with any of the shows you mention. Guess I should watch more TV. I do want to read Soltice.

    Good luck with your Editor's Day.

  2. Soltice is a must read, Bev! I'd say it's kind of like THE GODDESSES TEST but up a notch with the chemistry and emotion.

  3. Mentioned at SCBWI? Awesome! Congrats. I'm a Chloe King fan too. I really like her character. She's very real.

  4. Thanks, Kelly! Yes, Verla Kay has me mentioned in her to handout on on-line Promotion. I was very excited to be included with other authors!

    Kim Baccellia

  5. Thanks for the tips on what's great to read. Ultraviolet sounds like my cuppa tea. And don't be too hard on yourself about pushing out work. Summer is partly to regroup and relax.

  6. Hey, congratulations on the mention at SCBWI nationals. Very nice indeed!

  7. Hey, Kim, wonderful about getting mentioned by Verla Kay! I've enjoyed chatting with her at previous conferences.

    And thanks for posting a link to this on Facebook. Interesting blog, and I'll keep visiting!