Thursday, August 25, 2011

Picture books - Reading to children

Having now very young grandchildren ages three and four, and grandchildren who speak little or no English has been interesting. They are interested in books and I've done some digging and trying to find books that were my children's favorites. I began to wonder if my children had odd tastes when they were young.

My oldest loved Gerald Mc Boing Boing. And I wore out a book with that in reading it again and again. The second son never selected any single story that he liked. He liked them all. The oldest daughter became enamoured of Never Tease a Weasel. I can still recite parts of it today. The youngest daughter's favorite was Where Is The Keeper? I can still recite parts of that book.

How many of us remember picture books from our childhood and continue to recite parts of them in our heads? Did all of those on this group remember being read to or reading to our children.

I remember my grandfather reading to me. His choice wasn't any picture book but the poetry of John Donne. There was something mesmerizing in hearing those words and reading them over. I also wonder if that has influenced my writing style and choices. How about you do those memories trigger words you want to put on paper? Do the choices your children loved also influence you as you write?


  1. Home For A Bunny. That one I remember. Under a rock, under a stone? Where would a bunny find a home?

    And there was a counting book they liked. I remember the last bit - chitter chatter, I'll tell you then. Chitter chatter, you found ten.

  2. Unfortunately, I have no favorite books from childhood. I wasn't a reader, and I don't remember my parents reading to me.

    When my sons came along I did read to them though and have to admit Dr. Seuss was one of their favorites and mine too. The Berenstein Bears were also fun.

  3. I fondly recall my Dad reading Dr Seusse books to me and my sisters. It never grew old. I started writing very young and no doubt my love of hearing stories gave me a love of writing them. - Mike Dicerto