Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No Gobbling, Just Thanks

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so writing a blog related to the holiday seemed like a no-brainer. Until I tried to think of a topic. Turkey recipes? Not so much. Pilgrims and the first feast? Done so many times and better than I could manage. The craziness of prep for a family get-together? ...Yawn.... Since everyone has too much to do and not enough time, I figured I would make this short and very short-winded. Here are my top reasons for being thankful I am a writer, and other related blessings.

I am thankful ... have been published. That way when I say I write and that snarky new person I just met asks in THAT tone of voice "But have you ever been published?" I can say Yes.

... that so many things: music, smells, sounds, tastes, cute guys, can trigger a story in my head faster than I can blink.

...that I am inherently curious/nosy about everyone and everything. I've learned a lot of weird things due to that.

...that my hearing is still good enough to eavesdrop in restaurants and elevators.

...that I can make friends up in my head and have entire conversations.

...that characters sometimes come to me in dreams. Well, maybe not. That tends to happen when the writing is going badly, actually.

...that my chosen genre is YA because I have good reason not to grow up entirely.

...that a lot of my memories get preserved in my stories.

...that I have a good time playing with words and when I get it right, others like reading the result of my playtime.

...that I get to meet so many great people, a lot of them writers themselves, who are so fascinating.

Writers are a quirky, sometimes neurotic, wonderfully sensitive, always entertaining bunch of people and I am so glad I get to count myself in that number.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. Ditto all. I love writing, love writers and the blog community, I love thinking up new ideas and inventive gadgets, and I love teaching the craft. Happy Thanksgiving, all.

  2. Great post! Definitely things to be grateful for.
    Happy Thanksgiving all!