Friday, February 22, 2013

Oh wow

I have a bad case of the "forgot"s.

I forgot to take my usual meds yesterday morning.

I forgot my son's dentist appointment.

I forgot my own physical therapy appointment.

I forgot to post in this blog on my day.

I forgot how to get to this blog so I could post on this blog on my day.

I have, on occasion, forgotten to eat.

I have forgotten what I was going to type next.

Early Alzheimer's? Probably not.

More like life. I've posted before about how life seems to be moving so fast. I'm not so sure it really is fast. More like diversion filled.

Lots of diversions - going off in every which away.

New puppy to train.

Elderly mother to look after.

Hospital visits - doctor visits.

Disabled son to look after and drive around.

Craft fair items to make.

Craft fair booth to design - again.

The usual cleaning, shopping, errands, bill-paying, etc.

And then there are the millions, okay thousands, of little decisions to make all day, everyday. I live at the mercy of my calendar - and puppy bladders.

Sometimes, I think we are too hard on ourselves when we forget. We immediately think that there is something wrong, that we have an incurable illness, that we are going to slip into a dark abyss and never see the light of day again. Instead, I think maybe there are just a lot of things going on in this world of instant messaging, instant news, instant contact.

I was listening to one of my favorite songs the other day and finally looked up the meaning. He mentioned that his mother lived in a remote area and had no telephone, no email, no post stop. Complete isolation - unless, she received real time visitors. You remember those? They used to come over and sit for a spell, have coffee or tea, maybe a snack or two. Now, everything is electronic and we don't know what to do with ourselves should the power fail.

I was on the bus the other day, and I glanced up from my cell phone to see that almost everyone around me was also on their phones - reading, listening to music, texting. In the old days, you would occasionally start up a conversation with the person seated next to you. No more. I've seen teens texting each other while seated next to each other.

So, I guess in this hurried, electronic world, it's not surprising that we forget stuff on occasion. And heaven help us if our internal, or external, calendar get out of sync as often happens with holidays - or when someone stays home sick and you think it's a Sunday and not a Monday and you start missing appointments, because well, since Monday was Sunday, then Tuesday was Monday, and Wednesday...and, well, you forget to post on your day on the blog.

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