Thursday, February 7, 2013

Together again #amfantasy

Not people but my YA series - Once The Henge Betrayed but now called Affinities. I will give a nice thank you to my former publisher.The contract for the third book had ended the first of the year. The first and fourth books were at Books We Love with the changed titles. The third book would have been left alone and to me it made no sense to keep it with the first publisher. But , here is the big thing I would have waited out the three years remaining in the contract until it ended. So I will thank them and allow the problems of the past to go away slowly.

In this age of rapidly changing events like the way publishing has both imploded and exploded there can be problems, especially when sending a mss via the internet. They can be lost, not to mention borrowed or even sold, letting the writer sit in limbo. This is especially true when ebooks have no physical presence someone can put on a shelf. There have been some fights won and some lost but we keep fighting.

I have teenage grandchildren and last summer, I spent time telling them they couldn't just download things their friends sent them. I'm talking about books, movies and the like. Hopefully I got across the point that soon they would be earning money. How would they feel if someone came by and took their car, just because they wanted to keep it and maybe even pass it along to another friend. "That's stealing," they said. "And is so when you buy a copied version of a movie, or a friend gives you one." "Oh!"

I'll end this sort of rambling and get back to work on creating a story they might want to read.

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