Friday, July 12, 2013

Courtesy, Jewelry and Strange Little Dogs

I am wondering what has happened to common courtesy these days. Mostly on the road. Is it that when people get into cars they suddenly become anonymous? They can do whatever they want to because the other person doesn't know them, can't usually see them through tinted windows. I have written before about horrible and inconsiderate drivers on the freeways, and it seems to be getting worse. People follow closely behind the car in front of them, at speeds well over the posted limit, which means that merging is a nightmare. There is just no place to go, unless you catch someone texting, and thereby going slower, or you find some kind soul who doesn't care that they are now one car length farther from their destination.

And parking lots? Oh my! I pick up my son two days a week at the park and ride and, if I had a dollar for every close encounter there, I would be a rich person. Most drivers seem to forget all about lanes in parking lots. They simply drive down the center. Which makes it Russian Roulette when you are turning a corner to the next level. Will there be an SUV in your path or not? And heaven forbid if you want to actually back out of your parking spot. No one going up or down the lane will wait for you - no matter how far out of the spot you have already pulled. I watched a car get hit by someone who was backing out and hit another car backing out. I heard what the insurance people said when they called me as a witness. "If you are more than halfway out of your spot, you have the right of way." Yup. That means those people who roar around you, or honk and gesture, are in the wrong. But I don't think they care. They are in a hurry and you are in their way.

I have also written in here about everyone being in a hurry these days. Just you try writing a check in line, or using cash. Way too slow for those behind you! You need to swipe, sign and scurry. And at Starbucks, you'd better have your Starbucks card on your phone and be ready to scan. Even their own cards take a second or two too long for some people in line.

Rant finished for the moment. Moving on....

I have not been writing lately. Lately, as in the past year. All of my creative juices are being filled with making jewelry for my upcoming craft shows. Or buying collectibles for my antique booth. In a lot of ways, making jewelry is like writing a book. You have to find the parts (characters), come up with the design (plot), and put together the final product. I do write, I guess, as I work, but it's only in my head and not anything that is an actual book.

And strange little dogs?
I have never had a dog that didn't try to take off your fingers when being offered food. But this one? He doesn't seem to like food. I have tried almost every brand of food out there - canned and dry - including cooking chicken breasts for him. He doesn't seem to care for eating from a bowl, and prefers the floor. Or, better yet, to have it a game, where you toss bits of food for him to run after. It reminds me of my oldest son in some way. No, I did not toss bits of food on the floor for him, but I had to engage in all sorts of "games" to get him to eat. He was underweight and eating was not something he cared about. Miss a feeding as a baby, and he would just go to sleep for another four hours until the next feeding. As he got older, he just wouldn't eat. Now? Now, he's an adult, and is very adventurous with his food choices. Which I find very interesting. But, back to the puppy. He is now a year old, and still a picky eater. I have had him checked out at the vet to make sure there are no underlying problems. It seems he is just not that interested in food. Of most any kind. So, all of you dog lovers and owners out there - any thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? Games we can play?

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  1. Adorable little dog. Wish I had some help for his eating, but I don't.

    My oldest son creates jewelry. He and his wife and her parents own two jewelry stores. It's really nice for me because he's made me some beautiful rings and necklaces and things.