Thursday, July 25, 2013

Writing Schedules and questions

Do you have a writing schedule of books lined up to be written? I looked at the one I've begun and wonder if I'll ever finish. On that schedule are two YA stories begun years ago and it seems they want their story to be told but they're in line behind about ten others. The schedule I devise can sometimes be altered and at other times not.

Choosing to write in a variety of genres is difficult and sometimes leaves the head spinning. There are the stories that may never be told. Do you have stories that are a bare glimmer?

I've found a series of stories that will come to be told. Started as a series years ago. They are fantasies and can be read by anyone. I've the rights back to them and they are mainly short stories and ones that can be read by teens and by adults. They are romances and also coming into one's own. The premise is one that interested me and were inspired by a former cover done for the Jewels of Erda series. The picture was of a gem and one could see if you looked carefully two women inside a jewel. This was born Woman cast in Amber. The first story was a sort of coming of age story and of choices. I thought the stories were finished when I wrote the second. Woman Freed From Anger about a prince who as a child fell in love with the woman in the stone. Several more stories were born from this and when I decided to re-release the stories as a collection, I realized there were two more stories that needed to be told to complete the set.

Once again the order of the stories I was going to write changed. So some stories were pushed back.
Does this happen to you?

As our days are numbered, I wonder if I'll ever tell all the stories bottled up in my head will ever be told.

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  1. LOL! Me, me, me. At the present, I'm revising two stories at the publisher's request, working on ah historical I started in 2009 and put aside to write other things. Also another YA waiting for me to give it the last revision, two sequels in the works. Whee! Running in circles. But so much fun. Good luck with yours.