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How are your marketing skills? Mine are pathetic. I try and try to promote my work, but nothing seems to work. Yet, I see others doing very well with their books. A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate in an Online Marketing Symposium titled “What Works, What Doesn’t,” hosted by


Arlee Bird Tossing it Out

Alex J. Cavanaugh (self-titled blog)



Jeremy Hawkins Jeremy Hawkins Being Retro


Over 50 blogs were involved in the symposium. I haven’t visited all of them yet, but hope to before they do away with their tips. Here are some things I learned that I hope will help me. Maybe they’ll help you, too. Check out each of their blogs for details as I only give a little here.




From Yolanda Renee:


She likes reviews and says they have increased her sales, especially if they’re posted on a blog.

Alex Cavanaugh:


He thinks blog tours are very effective and gives a few tips.

Have one tour stop a day.

All guest posts and interviews should be different for each blog.

Try to send each blogger that’s announcing the release of your book something different.

Find stops that have a lot of followers.

Announce your tour each day on twitter and other places.

Giveaways are good too. Most everyone likes free stuff.



She had a virtual book party for her book bundle for kids on the site where the books were sold. She sent invitations. Not everyone replied, but the few that attended made it fun. They played games, had virtual food and drinks, a guest book, and other things. She says that timing is the key and also deciding where to host the party, such as Face Book, Google Plus, or other places.


She says another way to promote your work is with eBook trailers or a video. You can read part of your work. (I’d like to try this.) Marketing is about taking risks, she says.


C Lee McKenzie:


C Lee creates and presents writing workshops. Many of the students she works with keep in touch after the workshop, asking when her next book comes out. (Wouldn’t that be nice?) She’s looking for more fifth-grade teachers who want to read stories to their classes.


She also thinks contributing to anthologies helps. They lead to bookstore appearances with other authors and to meeting booksellers, important for all authors. Good reviews help with sales as well.



L Diane believes that early reviews are important. She gives a time schedule of when to request reviews for magazines, book clubs, pre-publication reviewers, and other places. Get the word out as early as possible.



Crystal has a lot of good information about running a powerful book blog tour, from getting the word out to following up and everything in between, way too much to post here. Check out her site, along with the others.


There’s so much more, but I need to stop here. Check out the rest of the blogs. I hope to visit more of them because I know there is great advice waiting to be read from talented authors and bloggers. I’ve tried to provide links to the ones mentioned, if I had them.


Happy Reading and Good Luck Marketing.


  1. Some of these links have added posts so just scroll down until you come to the one about marketing. :)

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