Friday, March 14, 2014

My Aching Writing Life!

Greetings, all!

It's my turn once again to post.

I almost didn't make it. Even with the multiple reminders that pop up to warn me ahead of time. But I have reasons.

I'd read back in January that 2014 was going to be a very chaotic year. And is it EVER!

I'm always mentioning in my newsletters how busy I am. But 2014 has punched 'busy' in the face and made him step up his game. Life since January has been Super Busy! (Just when I thought I'd had my fill of it, it raised the stakes on me!)

Busy is not a bad thing. Beats being bored any day. But there are limits. And while I've been doing writer type things as part of all the 'busy', I've not gotten any actual writing done for months. :(

My day job is in accounting. And for the last two years, my company has been working to get in line with audits, systems, processes, and all sorts of other things. Overtime has been plentiful...and ongoing. Then I added more - Inner Demons was picked up by Mundania Press late last year. Hadn't expected to hear from them for months as getting a contract is a fabulous thing, but also normally means you've now been put in a long cue and will need to do more waiting before your book rolls into the editing phase and beyond. Well, imagine my surprise when they assigned me an editor right away and we got cracking!

So overtime at work, overtime at home. Then having to go over the final version for that last pass for finding last minute mistakes before the book hits print. (Water heater broke and we were without electricity for over half a day during the weekend so they could fix it - best blessing ever! I made sure to charge the batteries on my laptop so I could do my last pass while they shut the power down - 6 hours straight I would not have gotten otherwise! Booyah! (The kids were twitching from 'lack of internet' withdrawal though.) Heh heh)

A month goes by, overtime waxes and wanes but does not go away. I do some side web work for one of my publishers and their host has been hacked. Been battling changed files and other issues for MONTHS. I swear there's something major getting mucked over there almost every week!

Inner Demons is RELEASED! Now I've got to juggle work and promoting a new book! (Been doing abysmally at the second part. Wah!) Convention season starts. More overtime at work.

Noooooo! Edit sessions for Jewel of the Gods (no web page for this one yet) comes up and smacks me in the face! (Another novel I'd already been contracted for but this one is with Zumaya Publications. I'd put some edit sessions on the editor's calendar for Feb thinking all my year end accounting stuff would be done by then but... HAH!)

So here's how the last 3 weeks have run... 9 to 10 hours doing accounting work, come home, shove dinner down my throat, 2 hours online editing sessions, 1.5 hours of TV to detox, go to bed and sleep. Rinse and repeat. Throw in 3 day conventions and taxes coming due, and I've plenty to keep me off the streets and out of trouble. lol.

This is what I've felt like lately.

 Heh heh heh.


(Yes, step away from the nice writer lady. Do not make eye contact. She can smell your fear.)

Have an awesome weekend!!!!! (I'll be working...:P)


  1. Wow! What can I say? Congratulations on the new books. Even though it means a lot of work, think of the joy. I honestly do not know how writers that work at a day job find the time to write. I'm retired and my days are still full. I guess it takes good management. Anyhow, enjoy the books, And sleep whenever. :)

  2. Congrats on the books! Hope the rest of the year goes better.