Sunday, March 16, 2014

Yes, I'm a Marshmallow and Proud of it!

I admit it. I'm a huge Veronica Mars fan. Fellow YA authors told me I had to check out the TV series. I was able to Netflix them.

For those of you who aren't familiar with all the Mars excitement, here's a little backstory from

Veronica Mars is a student who progresses from high school to college while moonlighting as a private investigator under the tutelage of her detective father. In each episode, Veronica solves a different stand-alone case while working to solve a more complex mystery. The first two seasons of the series each had a season-long mystery arc, introduced in the first episode of the season and solved in the season finale. The third season took a different format, focusing on smaller mystery arcs that would last the course of several episodes.

I loved seasons one and two. What really stood out for me had to be the dialogue and oh, yes, Logan.

When I heard that they were doing a Kickstart program to help fund the movie? Yes, I was totally all over that!

I got my own Veronica Mars t-shirt, stickers, and also the digital script to the movie!

The movie takes place ten years later. Veronica has graduated from law school when she gets a call from her ex-boyfriend Logan asking for help. He's been accused of killing his pop star girlfriend.

Loved when she first sees Logan!

And omg on this:

I watched and loved!

And a Veronica Mars book is coming out on the 25th:

And here's a teaser on the movie. You can download the digital movie on iTunes and Amazon.


And this weekend another movie based on a YA series I loved is coming out--Divergent:

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  1. Interesting. I guess I'm out of touch. I know nothing about Veronica Mars. Wait. I know a little now. Thanks.