Wednesday, May 21, 2014


The title says it all. I write very slowly. At the rate I'm going, I'll have to live to be 400 to finish all the story ideas in my head and notes jotted down on paper. My major problem is, I can't just write. I have to correct spelling, punctuation, sentence fragments and other grammar stuff as I go along, instead of zipping through the first draft.

Do any of you writers have the same problem? If so, how do you overcome the obsession that the rough draft has to be correct? Of course, it won't be perfect even with all the corrections, and there still are revisions and more revisions in the future.

I keep hearing writers talk about "Fast Drafting" so I tell myself,  Mmm, maybe it will work for me. Since I had no clue how to "Fast Draft," I went Online to learn about it. Plenty of information is available. I now have a print out of eleven tips on how to do it. Tomorrow I become a speedy writer. No checking which verb is best to use, no writing details about the weather or houses or characters. Just the facts.  Don't stop to look a word up on the Internet,  just put something there and research it later. Write down my thoughts.

Yes, I'm motivated. No more taking years to write one story. Fingers crossed. If anyone has additional suggestions, please share.

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Happy Reading

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