Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Promotion!

I've been told it's Promo Tuesday here, and I have a sale to promote. My publisher, Amber Quill Press, has the electronic forms of my book, The Crystal Throne, part of its .99 Books and Bundles sale now through November 6th.

Just in time for Halloween! Why is that date significant for The Crystal Throne? Because it's set just before Halloween. Jeanne Tucker and Peter Burns' English teacher assigned their class to write about the "haunted tree" in nearby Wilson's Forest as a Halloween assignment. Like Peter, their teacher was new to town and didn't know about that particular tree. To most of the kids in town, it was just a creepy looking oak tree that people avoided. Jeanne Tucker's grandfather had told her all the legends about that tree, including what he had seen when he was a young boy. Jeanne planned to write about that for her assignment.

Peter Burns, on the other hand, came out to the forest to examine the tree and see why people were so freaked out about it. Unfortunately, his twin sister tagged along. Jeanne Tucker comes across the Burns twins arguing in front of the tree.

Little did any of them know that the tree had plans for them.

Along with the haunted tree, The Crystal Throne has witches, wizards, elves and talking horses. Peter and Jeanne are pulled into a magical world and asked to break a curse. The two twelve-year-olds must work together, which is hard because Peter doesn't believe in magic or even where they are while Jeanne, who loves to read fantasy, knows the real dangers they face.

On sale for .99 now through November 6th at Amber Quill Press, The Crystal Throne is available in several electronic formats, including those for Kindle and Nook.

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  1. What could be spookier than witches, wizards, elves, and talking horses. Oh, a talking tree. Sound just right for Halloween. Congratulations, Kathy.