Monday, January 26, 2015

Cover teaser-- A CURSE OF ASH AND IRON

It's nearly here! 

The cover reveal for A CURSE OF ASH AND IRON is tomorrow!!!! After everything I've been through with this book, I am relieved to finally have a cover. And, people, it is AWESOME.

The reveal will be Tuesday, Jan. 27 on YA Books Central's blog, at noon EST. There you will also find a giveaway-- enter to win one of THREE posters of the cover art, signed by me! 

One hour later, the cover will go live on my own blog and about 20 other blogs owned by people who signed up to help with the reveal. 

Meanwhile, I have a little teaser for you all. Just a bit of the cover to whet your appetite. Ready?

That's all you get until tomorrow! Be sure to check my blog and YA Books Central and look around the web for the WHOLE picture! 

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  1. Lovely cover. I was going to leave a comment, but can't remember my password. They're supposed to send me an email. Anyway, the cover is beautiful. Congratulations.