Sunday, January 17, 2016

2016 Goals

I decided against posting a whole 2015 reflections post as it didn't start off too well with the death of my beloved cockatiel Jenny.

Plus, it's been REALLY HARD homeschooling this school year.  Son wants to attend public high school next year and I'm burnt out.  It's been hard juggling writing and teaching ninth grade.  Plus, I know I've been 'comfortable' with where my writing is and want to get out there again.

I'm looking forward to 2016.

When son's in school I plan to concentrate more on writing and querying again.  My goal is to query for an agent as I want to bump my writing career up a level and get my books out to a bigger audience.  My big dream has been to have my books at ALA/BEA and being able to do book signings.  Where I'm at now?  That won't happen.  I need to work a little harder to get to my goals.  I know if I do?  I'll achieve them!

So here's my goals:

1. Polishing off my ongoing diverse thriller/romance and start querying for an agent.
**Don't settle for just any offer.  Learn from the rejections guaranteed to come and query again.
2. Finish the next round of edits on GODDESSES CAN WAIT
3. Start edits on the sequel to CROSSED OUT
4. Say 'no' more and concentrate on my career which has taken a backseat for these past seven years I've been homeschooling
5. I'd really like to volunteer at least once a week in the community.
6. Visit Mom and family more in Sacramento area.
7. Be kind to myself and don't buy into any of the passive aggressive crap that has been thrown my way.

What are some of your own goals?


  1. I'm sorry about your cockatiel. We get so attached to our pets, feathered or other. It's rough to lose them. Good for you, setting your goals higher and thinking about yourself for a change. I hope you achieve every one of them. All my best to you.