Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I'm so excited today to share my latest news with you. CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL, MY VERY GOOD, VERY BAD CAT will be out February 9, 2016. Look what came to my house last week.

Patches is looking them over. I hope she's not disappointed she's not in the book.
Tiger's not interested in being a star. He'd rather play with the grocery sack.
Have you done anything new this year that you weren't sure how it would turn out? If so, how was it?
Are you glad you did it?
This year I've been brave and tried something new. I received a phone call asking if I'd be interested in doing a Podcast about my cat that's in the book. I wasn't even sure what a Podcast was (I know, I'm way behind in the technology field) but I thought it might be fun, so I said yes. A few days later, the phone rang and I talked about my cat to the President and CEO of the American Humane Association, who wrote a forward for the book. She was so nice and I really enjoyed talking with her. Now, I'm wondering how I'll sound on the interview. She interviewed a couple other authors in the anthology too. The show will be edited, so maybe I won't sound too bad. 
When Patches discovered she wasn't in the book, she decided to take a nap.
The cats say "Happy Reading!"