Thursday, October 20, 2011

Exploring Words - The curiosity factor

My granddaughter is in second grade and she has a reading assignment every night and that's to read aloud to someone for fifteen minutes. The other evening Grandma was the person to hear the reading. When she comes to a word that's new to her she wants to talk about it. I enjoy this part of the session.

One word was select. We listed a few other words that had the same or similar meaning. She thought of choose and pick. Grandma added opt. Not that this word is used frequently except in crossword puzzles. Then we talkked about each word. Select she decided was a word rich people would use. Choose was a Mommy and Daddy word. Pick was for apples and books. Opt she had no idea who other than Grandma would use but she decided she would use the word when she went to school. I'm waiting to hear the results when she says, "I opt for that book."

We had another discussion on the word propped. The context was the character sat on her bed propped by pillows. My granddaughter's thought was "That's just like when you bring Mommy breakfast in bed and she shoves pillows behind her so she doesn't spill the food."

It's rather a joy sharing reading sessions and hearing her puzzle out the meaning of words and being delighted in learning new words. What really interested me was the curiosity factor. How many children question and explore words and how many just absorb without ever thinking about the meanings and shadings. Perhaps this is a writer in the bud or just a child who will always love reading.


  1. Interesting blog post! I can see why you enjoyed your reading session with your granddaughter. It's nice you both received something special out of her reading to you. I like how you had her explore the meanings on a personal level.

  2. What an interesting little girl Sidney is. But she's been that way from the first. Makes for a fun grandchild and, of course, she couldn't have picked a better grandmother to help her satisfy this curiousity of hers. Jane