Sunday, October 2, 2011

Five Things I learned from SCBWI OC Editor's Day Conference

On Saturday I was able to attend the thirteenth annual OC Editor's Day.  I love going to conferences and this is the first one I've attended in two years.  My goal for next year is attend more.  Why?  Going to conferences is a great way to network, meet people from the publishing world, network, and also get motivated to write/finish your project.

I had fun meeting in person Greg Ferguson, editor at Egmont and also agent Jill Corcoran, who reps my all time favorite YA author Linda Singleton.  And it's always fun to run into friend and author Marlene Perez.

Anyway I thought I'd give you the five things I learned from the conference:

5. An editor is like a coach.  He/she help make a book better.
So true!  I love what my current editor Liz Burton of Zumaya is doing with my upcoming book No Goddesses Allowed. 

4. Yes, a brick and border can determine what the final cover will end up being.

Greg Ferguson showed what the original cover of the amazing book Ashes was going to look like.  Then one of the heads at Barnes and Noble didn't care for it.  **Personally I thought it was awesome but then again I'm not a head of a leading brick and border store. 

For Crossed Out, the idea of having a cross on the cover was put aside as my publisher was worried it would be labeled Christian fiction(which it isn't).  I love the final one!

3. Check out this amazing appt for the iPad that Ruta Rimas editor at McElderry Books recommended:

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

2. I found it interesting that most of the editors mentioned how it's the underlining core elements that need to stand out in your story. The voice needs to call to the editor.

And finally:
Be patient and love what you do.
Boy, can I tell you that on my own writing journey I'm learning how to be patient and trust me, this isn't one of my virtues! You have to love what you do too. One great thing was that even though I noticed that some of the editors aren't looking for dystopias(which my sekrit project is), the editor I pitched to was so sweet and gave me some advice/feedback on what can make my story stand out more.

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  1. Conferences are so great. Thanks for sharing these five things. I love when people share what they learn at conferences. The editor as a coach analogy is perfect.