Monday, July 23, 2012

Awesome bookmarks at a great price

If you’re looking for a great deal on bookmarks, check out I just ordered 1,000 two-sided color bookmarks and they’re awesome.

“How much?” you ask.


Before I ordered I did a Google search for “printrunner coupons” and came up with a code for 20% off at

Ann Ramsey at Just Be You Design created these fabulous designs at a very reasonable price.

If you’re in need of graphic design services, from business cards to book covers to website production, check out Ann Ramsey at Just Be You Design.

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Zeus and Pepé -- the odd couple 

 Peggy Tibbetts

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PFC Liberty Stryker
Letters to Juniper – 2012 Colorado Book Award Finalist

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  1. Peggy, not a bad deal but you are going to hate me when I tell you how much I paid for bookmarks at - I ordered some earlier this year (haven't ordered in a few months) - I believe 1000 for $15 and some change plus shipping of $13.80 - so my order was just over $38 total with shipping from California to South Carolina.

    Basically you upload your already designed bookmarks and they print them up and ship them out. The only things I don't like about them are that they don't have their website on them anywhere and they aren't separated in batches of reasonable number to hand out. I have to count them and rubber band (I put in groups of 50) but usually there are extra bookmarks in the batch. I've seen as many as 138 extra bookmarks when I've had other orders.

    I do know that also offers coupons and discounts at various times in the year. So it may be worth checking them out. E :)

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of FINALLY HOME, a middle grade/YA paranormal mystery (written similar to a Nancy Drew mystery)

  2. Good to know. I need business cards next so I will give them a try. I'm always up for a good deal. Thanks!

    1. Peggy,

      I don't use business cards because I use my bookmarks as my calling cards but when I was using business cards, I would get them through vistaprint. You can get 250 for free (if you don't go the premium route and use their standard templates). If you go the premium route, you get 250 for $10 plus shipping and then when you checkout they usually offer you 250 more for less than $5 and free shipping on those 250 so for about $15 you can get 500 cards.

      I think I've checked business cards from several different online companies but vistaprint has been the best deal. I also get my free banners from vistaprint as well. The setback from ordering from vistaprint is that you get emails practically every day with "special offers" and it's aggravating when you can't order things right then - lol. Anyway - I would shop around for business cards - E ;)

      Elysabeth Eldering
      Author of FINALLY HOME, a middle grade/YA paranormal mystery (written similar to a Nancy Drew mystery)

  3. Try LadyPrinting.

    Cheaper, great quality and very good customer service.

  4. As long as everyone is listing their fave vendors, I use Overnight Prints dot com. And do you prefer book marks to post cards? Just curious.

  5. Thanks for all these links. I've always ordered bookmarks from They make beautiful bookmarks, I think $100 for 1000. This is color front and back. Will check some of these new links when I need more.