Thursday, July 26, 2012

ESP and fantasy

When writing my YA fantasies, I've found I tend to look at paranormal abilities when casting my characters. I've maade use of the twin bond and expanded it to include telepathy so that not only can the twins in the Affinities Series ( formerly the Henge Betrayed) series can sense problems with their twins but can speak to them via telepathy. Paranormal has always fascinated me so I've also used other elements in my stories such as Pyrokenetics. That's the ability to set fires. There are stories when this is used in a bad way,  but for my characters, this gives them the ability to start the campfire with little trouble and to use this for lighting their way in dark places. I've also given several characters the ability to control animals through the thought process.

While these kind of talents are considered psuedoscience, I've often considered acharacter having clairvoyance and able to glean things happening at a distance. To me exploring these talents gives me a springboard for developing a story line. Teleporting has been used by other authors to speculate about moving objects.

What about you do you find the idea of extrasensory perception a fascinating way to develop characters with abilities. Much of the talents I develop in my young characters have to do with their Sun sign abilities. Of all of these telepathy is my favorite one to use. Eventually I'll use them all.


  1. I *love* paranormal abilities in characters! In Saving Jake, my main character uses psychometry, the ability to touch an object and obtain information about the previous owner or the object's previous setting. I've also used clairvoyance through dreams, clairvoyance through picture taking, and automatic writing. Do you personally know some people with different abilities?

  2. I think characters with paranormal, clairvoyance, and other abilites are fascinating. They can add so much to a story. Set it apart from all the others. My forthcoming tween book has ghosts and a girl that reads "mind dreams" she calls them. Fun to write.

  3. Another fan of psi powers here, whether it be in fantasy where I have my empathy-powered healer or in science fiction where I have Galactic agents with telepathy (and two with their own twin bond). I miss shows like the Tomorrow People and the Sixth Sense (the tv series).