Monday, July 16, 2012

Cosplay -- Dress-Up for Adults

Summer is almost a month gone already? Yikes! Used to be that summer dragged, but when I've got so much to do and have to be back at work Sept. 1, it flies! I've been working on various projects, including my Final Project for grad school, and I just didn't feel like writing a post on writing.

This past weekend was San Diego Comic Con. This is a media convention, rather than a literary one, so lots of TV and Movie people show up, from all your favorite geeky SF/F/H shows. It's a HUGE event, and someday maybe I'll go.

Maybe someday I'll be invited.

Either way, the internetz have been buzzing all weekend long with updates, tweets, and pics. One of the things about these cons is that people Cosplay. What's that? Costume Play. Otherwise known as Adult Dress Up. Remember all those people who dressed like wizards for the Harry Potter book releases, or the movies? They were sort of Cosplaying. Most people when they cosplay at a con usually try to do some kind of role play as the character they are dressed as. You get your Darth Vaders and your Mals from Firefly and your Anime characters. If they were giving out candy it would be just like Halloween. Some of these costumes are really well done and you can tell they took hours-- all a labor of love.

I've dressed up for cons. Wore a Greek Chiton to promote the Library of Athena series. Put on a Victorian shirt, vest, and some cool-looking pink goggles to play Steampunk. I own a Queen of Hearts costume, complete with freaky, teased up red wig (think the Tim Burton version).

But if I were going to really cosplay a character, I'd pick this one:

Professor River Song, from Doctor Who. She is one of my all-time favorite female SF heroines. River is just too cool for school. You can't see it in this picture, but she is wearing a old-west style belt and holster and carries a really big blaster. And wears a time vortex manipulator. And carries a journal that looks mysteriously like a TARDIS. And in the first episode we meet her in, she has a sonic screwdriver (Think Geek sells one, and me wants!) She is the only person not intimidated by the Doctor, and can give him a run for his money (she has Time Lord DNA, after all). 

I think it's the hair that draws me to her. I could totally do it. Don't you think? 


Hello, Sweetie

See you next month!


  1. I've been reading about this. Sounds like a lot of fun. Great pictures.

  2. Christine, you've got to go to Comic Con at least once! They are a trip. I went to one where there were something like five Imperial Storm Troopers, one Darth Vader, about eight Jokers ala Heath Ledger, five Batmans? Batmen?, and at least one Princess Leia in everyone's favorite slave get-up from The Return of the Jedi. But the books available, the vendors, the celebrities, and most of all the chance to eavesdrop, are priceless. You'd make a terrific River Song!!!