Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Winter has gripped the northeast and it's cold outside. The kind of cold that makes you want to stay inside with a blanket and a hot cup of tea and a fireplace if you have one (we have a fake one, it's something at least) and a nice story to revise.

What? Revising a story isn't on your list of preferred winter activities?

I love having a story to revise. The first draft for me is getting to know the story (some people might do that in outline phase, for me it happens in draft form).

But when I revise I get to make sure the story makes sense (always important) and I get to add the levels of detail that I sometimes skip as I rush to get the first draft on paper.

Plus there's the excitement of knowing that soon I can share the story with Beta readers, and sharing a story is even more fun than writing it.

So as the temperatures outside hover in the teens and they predict snow for the coming weekend I'm going to crank up my fake fireplace, have a cup of tea, and dive into this revision.


  1. Doing my best Arnold Horshak imitation here: "OOOOOO, OOOOOOO, OOOOOOOO, can I volunteer to be a Beta Reader?"

  2. Sounds like a pleasant way to spend a winter day. Have fun.

  3. Yes, that's me too. Revising that never seems to end!

  4. So true, Kim, revising can go on and on and on.