Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Henge Betrayed -- Quests released,

An interesting day in my life, publication of book probably 41, 2 new family members and a birthday.

Last week the third installment of The Henge Betrayed series was released. In this episode, the young people introduced in book one Flight and added to in Refuge, have found a safe place, but their safe place may not be entirely safe. To protect themselves they realize they must find certain things. The focus jewels all wear are needed, especially since several are tainted allowing the evil Dom Senet to follow them. They must also find the remaining talismans through which they can channel their mastery of the elements -- Earth, Air, Fire and Water. They also need to find the remaining halflings who will make up their quartets with four in each element.

After dividing into three groups, they set off with each group of three finding one of the needs. Can they find what is needed and return to the keep where they are sheltered and learn to use their talents when they face Dom Senet, the mysterious He Who Walks With Evil and their many minions during a final confrontation.

Writing this book was fun since some of the young adults in the book are based on my grandchildren and the children of friends. The publication also came on my birthday as did the arrival of two more grandchildren from China. Was really an interesting day.

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  1. It does sound like you've had a super day. Happy birthday. Congratulations on your book. And the grandchildren, of course, are awesome. Hope you have more fabulous days like today.