Friday, April 12, 2013

I Live For Food!

Been wracking my brains to come up with a blog post this week. Life has been so insane lately. But, as story/blog ideas normally do, I was going about some chores and updating my phones OS when I glanced at a few pics I'd taken in the last few weeks, when *ding* the lightbulb went off. Why I could share some of my pics and talk about one of my favorite things - FOOD!

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, my palate already had what most people would think of as an exotic palate. Moving about the states introduced me to all sorts of fare as well. Between the two, I'm pretty open to almost anything. And just because we need to watch the calories, doesn't mean we can't go be adventurous every once in awhile and discover something completely different and awesome.

Anyway, here's some of the awesome yumminess I've run across here in Texas.

Tostones! They're made of fried plantains. PR's super comfort food. 

Arroz con Salchichas, red beans, avocado, and mofongo - more awesome PR food! (Cooked by my bro!)

This bread is to die for! Especially if still warm - White Chocolate Orange Royal. Drooling just thinking about it.

Eel and Avocado over rice. Unagi (eel) wasn't something I thought I'd like, but I love it. The hardy sauce they use on it in most Japanese dishes is sublime. 

A taste of Cuban and Puerto Rican here - Ropa Vieja (old Rope) I think this one is called. Ground beef, potatoes in a tomato sauce over rice. And fried mature plantain - yummmm.

Hubby likes Bistec Encebollado (Beef steak and onions). The rice here is in the mixed Cuban style. I prefer to mix it myself. Changes the flavor, in my opinion.

Lovely pasta, chicken, tomatoes and graded parmesan. 

Tottaly yummy cupcakes Roll2Play was using at the owners birthday bash. 

I do like oriental food - here's a unagi roll from Sushi Envy. Delish!

Gloria's Super Sampler at Gloria's Restaurant - they serve Mexican and El Salvadoran foods. (Hey, it's got my name. So it's got to be good, right?) :P 

Egg Sushi - it's super awesome, especially when they make the egg slightly sweet.

While I will admit this Japanese salad looks funky and possibly off putting, it is the YUM. All sorts of funky flavors.

Thai Box had a super cute thing going for around Valentine's. Hubby is totally in love with Teriyaki Chicken.

I'm more partial to Pad Thai.

Best breadsticks EVER!  Used to get them at Fazoli's till the franchise near us died. But found them again at Souper Salads

This was an amazing surprise of awesome! Bruschetta on toast. OH MY TASTE BUDS! I'm a total fan now.

Local Italian restaurant Roma's has Chicken Marsala. Mmmm

El Fenix's Cheese Enchilada's with Fajita Steak meat on top. But we really only go there for their marvelous chips of Mmmmmm. :P

My brother gave me this as a gift - from South Africa - Olive Jam. Made from green and black olives and sugar. I rather liked it! (But I am also an olive fiend.)

New Sushi place we discovered recently - Sushi Yaa. Their tempura sauce at the Arlington location is to die for! And plenty of non-sushi foods so hubby enjoyed it too! 

By happy accident, we stopped at Chopstix Chinese Restaurant by the Stonebriar Mall and what we found ended up being even better - they had soup noodles! Lots and lots! (Some with a touch of Thai too!) Hadn't had a good bowl in a while. Great for those chilly days.

My boss gave me this for a present this year. Chocolate dipped goodness! (We'd already grabbed a few by the time I thought to take a picture. Doh!) Bananas, strawberries, and pears - oh my!

What awesome food have you guys run across?


  1. Oh, my goodness. I've never seen so many different foods. We're just the chicken/steak and potatoes eaters. Seldom dine out. Now you make me want to try something new. My sweet tooth says the chocolate dips. Thanks for a great post.

    1. You should venture out a bit! There's too much good stuff out there. Hubby is not a big experimenter, but over the years he's come to love all sorts of stuff he would not have discovered on his own. Yeah, sometimes what you get you don't end up liking, but that's what makes it an adventure.

      Just start slow. Pick a place a month or every two months to venture to. Buffets are great for getting to sample another country's food and finding what you like. And normally the wait staff can help with tips on how to season things or what goes with what.

      And chocolate is always an adventure all its own. :P