Monday, April 29, 2013

Who’s Your Momma Contest!

In honor of Mother's Day, Sisterhood Publications is having a Who's Your Momma? contest for FB and Twitter. Just repost our tweet, "Sisterhood-Who's Your Mama?" with the hashtag #Sisterhoodlovesmomma, or create your own post with the hashtag #sisterhoodlovesmomma. You can also post your Facebook status as "Sisterhood Loves Mommas and so do I."

The winner will be chosen on Mother's Day. Multiple entries are accepted. And the prize is a copy of every book in our catalog, e-version, along with a $50 gift card from Amazon.

So let's celebrate our mothers. Who's YOUR Momma?

Coming June 1! 

“What a page turner! In breathless prose that's never less than highly entertaining, Kristin Alexandre takes her gypsy heroine on a dark journey from one rapacious benefactor to the next, until Neci Stans starts a rise to riches in the heart of the Midwest that no reader will ever forget.”~ Michael Shnayerson, Contributing Editor, Vanity Fair

Colorful, vivid, and passionate, 19-year-old Neci Stans wants nothing more than to belong to Dayton, Ohio’s high society set and marry the man of her dreams, Ezra Crawford. But there's some big problems. his racist father, the Ku Klux Klan, a woman who claims Ezra as her own, and a vindictive but sexy Englishman who wants Neci for his own. And of course, the biggest problem of all is her gypsy heritage and her “little bit” of magic.

Gary Kent shares his stories about changing Hollywood, a journey—as it says—through a revolution. It began in 1960, with director John Cassavetes' work, and continued to evolve through the ages to the Hollywood we know today. And Kent was there for all of it. Kent is a writer/director, actor, stuntman, special effects guru, production manager and mostly, an officer in the revolution. Kent takes us there personally, in a book filled with memories, inside information, surprising facts and the real version of “indie film.” He was indie before indie knew it was cool.

Featuring stories of Jack Nicholson, William Shatner, Ann-Margret, Brian De Palma, Bruce Campbell, Ed Wood, Charles Manson, Frank Zappa, Duane Eddy, the Hells Angels, and more.

“Have you ever heard that expression: “You can’t MAKE this stuff up”? …That was the first thought in my mind when I finished Crazy Bitch, and I’m pretty sure you will have it too … I believe this book is a necessary addition to canine-learning libraries everywhere, and it is my sincere hope that it will be.” ~ Pet Daily Press 

Readers love it!

“Seriously great read … Touching, real, raw and a bit scary! If you love dogs, people, life … you will enjoy this book!"

Crazy Bitch is one book dog lovers won’t want to put down.”

Available at, Barnes & Noble
and wherever ebooks are sold

Peggy Tibbetts

Crazy Bitch ~ a dogoir
Letters to Juniper ~ 2012 Colorado Book Award Finalist
PFC Liberty Stryker ~ “a wild ride like no other”

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