Monday, April 22, 2013

What have I done? I'd love to tell you, but I can't.

I could have blogged about the our new dog (a Jack Russell Terrier that is adorable and lovely and named Elvis), or the two books I just self-published (which I did for a variety of reasons, but mostly because the person who I originally wrote them for never did anything with them and I wanted them to be available to my fans).  They've available here and here on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle. You can read about them on my personal blog -- here and here. I encourage you to check them out, because they're great fun. Maybe I'll blog about that next month. Anyway...

Or I could have blogged about how I am still plunging ahead with the WIP even though the section I'm working on now stinks like feet and that I've finally started the last LoA book but that's going ok.

Instead, I will blog about the most recent development. I can't tell you exactly what it is yet, because I have to work out all the details and make everything official, but what I WILL tell you is that I have taken another step into the business side of publishing. (No, not a contract for the book) I know, like I really need something else on my plate. BUT this, I think is a step I needed to take. I felt it in my gut that it's the right choice, and so I followed through on it.

And I really can't wait to tell you all about it.  But you'll have to wait.

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