Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cats and Rats and Elephants...

It is now after midnight - I have just spent the last six hours (after working my regular job) editing an animated video I created for the promotion of a cat shelter I volunteer at. It dawned on me that I had not written my blog - due- yes- NOW - November 3rd which is 13 minutes old. Behind me I am listening to election results- thanking my Voodoo doll that helped make sure a certain nutbasket did not get elected as Governor of my state. Seems to have worked quite well.

I have no specific topic to write about. Or maybe I do.


I like being busy. I love having lots of irons in the fire. OK- now I am having trouble uploading this file to my server so I can let key people see my work. You are getting a real time look into my burnout. I am writing this blog- while trying to upload my files. Neither really getting anywhere. My FTP software says I am connected so why is it not uploading my files???

So this is what happens. You tackle numerous projects - have blog deadlines and toss a few moments of interest into ones civic duty eyes are bleary. My wife is asleep. No- I cannot check Facebook despite the snarky comment by that reactionary...ok- no politics. This is a kids lit blog for $%$ sake- oops - for crying out loud was what I meant to type.

My connection was lost. Great. I cannot use YOUTUBE because my video uses a song that well- has copyright issues. So it would be theft of sorts. Hell- heck- I am a writer we all steal.

Time. Only so many hours in a day. I really need to stop procrastinating this blog. Odd because I am very disciplined as an artist. Ok- I am rambling and I have probably bored you by now. I know I am boring myself. I promise something more - focused - next time. Do I need a graphic image for this blog entry?


Connection lost....again...


  1. nteresting blog. We all have those days and nights.

  2. It is frustrating when nothing works the way you want it to. Hope you have a better day today. :)