Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vision Boarding

This Saturday, November 20, the teen librarian at the Wichita Falls Public Library and I are presenting a Vision Boarding Workshop for children and teens. Fifteen children have signed up. Maybe you've heard of Vision Boarding. I had not until the librarian contacted me asking if I was interested. So I did what any good writer does when undertaking a new task. I Googled Vision Boarding.

It turns out I've been doing something similar only had no idea it had a name. Shucks, and I thought I was original. When I start a new story, I scan magazines, catalogues, newspapers, and other sources to find my characters. I cut out the ones who resemble the image in my mind of what I want my characters to look like and paste them on poster board. Even though I do profile sheets and interviews, I still write their names, ages, etc. next to their pictures. This saves time when I forget the eye color or even the character's name. Yes, since I work on two or three stories at a time, I sometimes confuse my characters.

I also find pictures of houses, cars, other items that relate to my characters' goals or what they like. In one of my current WIP, I posted pictures of volcanoes found on the Internet. The walls of my writing room are plastered with poster boards. (That's also a good way to cover the walls so you don't have to paint them.)

So, anyway, this Saturday we'll be discussing what the teens read, why they read certain books, and why they want to write. We'll look at plotting, character development, and setting. They'll be given poster board, magazines to look through, and we'll start. They'll finish their Vision Boarding at home.

They will also be given blank books to write their story in for a contest the library will be having later. I'm excited, and a bit nervous, too. This is my first workshop.

How do you keep track of your characters, setting, plot? Do you do something similar or have your own method. Please share. Thank you.

Have a great Wednesday. Happy Writing.


  1. Best of luck, Bev. It will be a smashing success. I keep track of details of the setting and characters by just keeping a list. Nothing fancy, but it does the trick.

  2. Sometimes less is better, Darby. Whatever works for each writer. :)

  3. Interesting concept but I do none of this. Like Darby I make lists. I don't see pictures I see words.

  4. You will do great teaching the workshop, Beverly.

    I don't do vision boarding, but it sounds like a great way to keep track of details about your characters. I make lists, but that doesn't seem to work too well for me. Thanks for sharing about vision boarding.

    I hope you will let us know how the workshop goes.