Monday, November 22, 2010

Do You Twitter?

I do!

and Facebook
and a Fan Page
and My Space
and Linkedin
and Goodreads

So – please – follow me, friend me, like me, and link me. We are all judged now by our Facebook numbers.

How many of you find all this social networking overwhelming?

I see a lot of nodding heads and raised hands out there.

Oh, I’m not complaining. Or maybe I am.

I do remember the old days, before the internet, when writing was a truly lonely life. I would never want to go back to that. Not in a million years. As the popularity and presence of the internet expanded through the 90s, my career expanded, too. Through listservs, ezines, Inkspot, and Writing World, I connected with a world of writers. It was an exhilarating time – and still is. Although the internet has evolved.

Social networking is a whole different beast. A fast-paced time-eater. I do discipline myself with rules. Absolutely no games. Then I worry friends think I’m stuck up when I don’t respond to their game invitations. But it’s easy to see how I could become obsessed with Farmville, like a drug.

I keep my personal life out of it. Then I worry I might seem too aloof. But I have a stalker – and he lives in my neighborhood. So it’s complicated. I got a permanent restraining order to keep him away from me physically. I know he still stalks me online which has forced me to re-think my whole approach to blogging and social networking. I am much more cautious about sharing my personal activities. I’d have to be insane to do foursquare.

My biggest worry is that I don’t tweet or update my status daily. Does that mean I’m falling behind somehow? But I set aside a certain number of hours each day to write and I won’t give that up. Social networking is still pretty low on my priorities list. To come to terms with my conflicted feelings I’ve decided it’s a whole comfort zone thing. I do what feels comfortable for me.

I enjoy blogging. Social networking is fun. Writing is my true love. Everything else has to fall in line behind that.

Oh wait … someone just sent me a message on Facebook. Did you see that funny video? I should tweet that. And I better check and see how many fans I have today …

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  1. I'm there too!

    I'm ixtumea at Twitter.
    I'm on Facebook as Kim Baccellia.
    I'm also at YALITCHAT.

  2. I can't find you at twitter, can you post a link?

    My site is private but just request to friend me and I'll ok it!

  4. I don't have the slightest idea how to twitter. On facebook as Janet Lane Walters. If we're not friends, just ask.

  5. I'm on all of them, but writing is my priority, so I do that first and then indulge in the others.

  6. I wish I were as disciplined as you all! I am on FaceBook and Twitter academically. Actually being ON them is another matter altogether. I know I need to do more but am still trying to figure out how to do it. Hey, does it really affect your sales? For real?

  7. I think it's more exposure than anything. I've connected with other authors, editors, and others involved with this biz through Twittering. Facebook not as much. I admit, I'm on Twitter TONS. Dh laughs at me.

  8. I'm on Facebook, but not Twitter. I agree, it's more of a comfort zone thing when trying to figure out how much social networking to do.

  9. I'm a bit of a Luddite. I do have a website, and just recently started a blog, but no Twitter or Facebook. But I visit as many blogs and sites as I can each week. Baby steps, don't you know...
    I'm with Beverly: writing comes first, THEN oxygen, THEN food & water.
    (aka Writing Uphill)