Saturday, March 17, 2018

Worldbuilding Resources

It's been a year since my last blog post about Worldbuilding, so it's probably time to update some of the resources I use. At MarsCon 2018, I was on the "Resources for Speculative Fiction Writers" panel along with S.N. Arly, Naomi Kritzer, and Ozgur K. Sahin. S.N. Arly compiled all the websites we shared into several posts on her tumblr. Links cover not only worldbuilding, but clothing, names (actual as well as generated), science, and highlights from the panel discussion.

Rather than going over everything on the list, I'll just say, check it out and make a note of it (I've put a link to it on my own writing aids website) for later use. There are a number of valuable links there.

Societies, of course, also have their own sets of manners and fashion, both of which, again, are dependent upon elements such as technology, resources, religion, and environment.

Martha Wells has a writing guide page that has diversity suggestion links as well as basics on submitting and promotion.

For middle school and high school beginning writers, Jeffrey A. Carver has "Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy", a step by step website with examples on worldbuilding.

I've found Technovelgy useful not only as a place to check when certain technology appeared in science fiction (1898 for asteroid mining, btw), but also as a gathering spot for recent technology news and inspiration.

What resources have you found useful? Any links to add?