Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Ok, I admit it. I’m a total control geek. I blame it on that one BYU class I had to take when I ended up getting in trouble because—cough, cough—I partied too much. That class showed  how to schedule a day down to the hour. I guess the OCD part of me was hooked. Now I make schedules and even use sticky notes on everything. This helped tons as a teacher with planning and getting things prepared for that school year. 

I also admit, I do the same thing with my New Year resolutions. Goals help me toward achieving things like finishing a first draft to even starting a new project.

This year will be no different.

My writing goals for 2011 include:

Finishing my YA dystopia.

Finishing my first draft of CROSS FIRE. Then plan to do a massive, intense revision. I won’t just do the revisions piece by piece but rather do it as one major project. **This will prove very interesting!

Do the revisions, edits on NO GODDESSES ALLOWED

My reviewing goals include:

Continue to review books.

Don’t just sign up for any book. I found requesting too many books equals getting overwhelmed and not doing as much as I should.

Plan to read some books outside of my genre which is YA.

My personal goals include:

Watch weight

Continue to exercise

Mediate at least once a day. Need to get my blood pressure down

What are your goals for this coming year? Do you make goals? Please share!


  1. My immediate goal, Kim is to ask you if you would care to review Merlin's Kin- a YA novel never released Stateside? And secondly to wish you and your fellows a Happy New Year.

  2. Oh, I have tons of writing goals. I met them last year and gained about 10lbs in the process. I think this year, I'm going to add exercise to my day too! Love your goals, I plan a pretty active year.

  3. Good goals, Kim. Best of luck to you with all of them.
    I haven't made any yet, but there will be editing my forthcoming YA, finishing a couple of WIP and other stuff.

  4. Kim, Good luck with your goals. I have just one this year and that's to finish the final book of the Henge Betrayed series -- Confrontation and move on to other things. Kim, Would you be interested in reviewing book one and two of the Henge series. Flight and Refuge.

  5. I have decided to (beta)read genres outside my comfort zone and am already enjoying the decision.
    I will be finishing my 2nd book and at least starting revisions on my 3rd.
    I have also committed to write (hand write) 3 letters a month.
    Good luck with your goals!

  6. Wow, I hope you all do great with your goals too!

    JL, what is the blurb for your book?

    LM, I know I gained some weight too. Pout. Need to get it back down before I go back to see doctor in February.

  7. Kim, Here goes. There are two . Flight "We've been betrayed." Those words spoken by the Doma nd Doma of the Wesren henge awaken their four children, two sets of male/female twins. Each child has an affinity for one of the elements, earth, air, water and fire. In secret the young teens fell their home to seek a place of safety and teachers to hone their control. They use their emerging talents in ways they never imagined. Will their quest succeed or will they become pawns of He Who Walks With Darkness?

    Refuge is the second. The adventure begun in Flight continues. Ash, Bran, Ky and Jay, led by the mysterious birds they believe are their parents find refuge with a doma while they await the arrival of their friend Zand. The doma plans to take them to safety in the highlands but news of the capture of two friends by "He who walks with evil" sends them on a rescue mission. They soon realize their powers are not strong enough to defeat the evil dom but they must find a way to succeed or risk seeing their friends corrupted forever.