Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh, No! More of Those New Year Resolutions.

Well, not exactly. I do not make resolutions because they wouldn't survive a day. Instead, I'm setting goals for 2011. I won't go into all the writing, marketing, promotion, and stuff that changes so quickly. Instead, one of my major goals this year is to get organized. If you could see my writing room (or sanctuary as I sometimes call it) you would understand why I need organization. I'm too embarrassed to even take a picture.

Once upon a time, when I was teaching, I was pretty good at keeping up with books, lesson plans, and even my students, unless they were on the playground which is a whole nother story. Now, when it's just me to keep track of and not a class of fifth graders, I can find nothing and waste a lot of time looking for files both on the computer and in my file cabinets. So, here are my plans to become Ms. Fantastically Organized Writer Who Knows Where Everything is and Can Find It On the First Search.

1.  Make new folders for each WIP. I'm working on two stories now with two more waiting their turn.

2.  Keep a record on my computer of places I've sent my MG ghost story with dates, agent/publisher, and responses.

3.  Clean out file cabinets (I have two), throw away old, half written stories and articles to give me more space. My cabinets like my bookshelves overfloweth.

4.  Clean the desktop and discover which stack of paper the mouse is hiding under.

5.  Delete old files on my computer and put each story in its own folder. Have a separate folder for reviews, author interviews, tours, crit groups, etc.

6. Straighten bookshelves so I can find a book when I want it.

7.  I'm sure other ideas will occur to me as I'm organizing my life.

8.  Oh, one more to add. Take down the Christmas tree, bows, and greenery. Yes, they're still up.

I wonder how long it will take to accomplish all of the above. Guess I'd better get started.  A Happy 2011 to You All.

Also, tiips on how you are organized will be greatly appreciated.


  1. What a hoot this column is. I really laughed because I recognized myself. My Christmas tree will stay up until tomorrow. That's Twelfth Night and a family tradition marks that as the final day of Christmas. There will be two lone stockings waiting for those who didn't risk the blizzard to come the day after Christmas. Those won't be put away until they arrive to open them. Fortunately they're too old to believe in Santa. Like you I think a bit or organizing could help. I started to do this last year and maybe this year will see a few more bits of clutter gone.

  2. LOL, JL. I'm going to use Twelfth Night as my excuse for the tree still being up.

    Good luck with your organizing. For me, it will be a challenge, but I'm determined.

  3. Hey, Bev, come over and organize MY computer and book shelves for me, would you? Pretty please? I'll bake cookies...

  4. :) Darby. If you could see my computer and shelves you wouldn't let me in your house. Total disaster. The cookies sound yummy though.

  5. I'm usually the queen of organization. That was before I started homeschooling and husband becoming executor of his parent's estate. Now it's crazy.

    Oh, on the Christmas tree? I'll probably take it down this weekend or next. I'm pretty slow about taking the holiday stuff down. Then my birthday comes towards the end of this month so it seems like there's always something going on.

    For my submissions I use Excel spreadsheet. I list the dates I submit, to whom, if it's rejected or accepted, and the dates. This helps so I don't query the same agent/editor more than once. I also put down if I got a form 'no' or a personal one. It's interesting to see the patterns.

  6. Oh, Kim, I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one with Christmas still up. We had two birthdays this month, Jan 2 and 3 so they do add to the activities.

    I honestly don't see how people with children at home find the time to write. It must take a lot of organization. That word again. :)

    Thanks for the infor about Excel. I might try it. Usually I post on 3x5 cards, but thought I'd try something different for my latest.