Friday, February 18, 2011

Conventions, Authors, and You!

We all hold certain images of what authors are and what it's like to be one (rightly or wrongly - I know I had some major doozies!), and one of the big things a lot of people assume is that there's no way to ever get to meet their favorite authors.

I'd like to set the story straight on that one. :P

Authors are out there! They're accessible! And so are other fans. People with the same interests and looking for others to share the excitement of the things they enjoy. And where can they all get together? Conventions! And there are a lot of them, going on just about everywhere. With panels, free goodies, signings, artists, and books books and books!

Today, I'll be spending the weekend over at ConDFW in Dallas, TX a Science Fiction and Fantasy convention. This will be their tenth year and they're still going strong. And it is but the first of more than a handful of other writing/book related conventions happening in Texas (and a more out there) for those who love science fiction and fantasy.

Whatever genre is your favorite, there's most likely a convention out there celebrating it. And even better than getting to see and listen to and even meet your favorite authors is the fact that while you're there, you're likely to learn about a whole lot of new ones to try out. (Inherent danger of these conventions is leaving with a bigger 'To Be Read' pile than you had when you came in.) :P

When I started attending conventions as a fan and later as a dealer and guest, I stumbled over all sorts of new authors for me to read. If not for conventions I probably would have never read the awesome writings of people like Rachel Caine, Martha Wells, Carole Nelson Douglas , A Lee Martinez, and many more.

At the conventions you can learn about the writing business, editing, have discussions on all sorts of topics, see artists actually creating, getting tips. There are normally also dances, parties, costume contests. Some of the conventions show movies and/or anime, have gaming, Live action role playing, game shows. It's just a great place to meet other like minded people. Make connections, friendships, have whole new worlds opened before your very eyes.

But best and most -- they're a total blast!

So if you're game, do a search to find your favorite author's website and see if they have an appearances page (I do!) to find out what conventions they'll be going to this year. One could very well be close to YOU!

Hope to see you there!

Gloria Oliver
Unveiling the Fantastic


  1. Lucky you. Have a great time, Gloria. Wish I could go. I'm just a two hour drive away. Maybe someday, when hubby is better. Let us know how it turns out.

  2. Have a great time, Gloria! I've been to one ALA event and plan on attending next summer's event as it's here in Anaheim.

  3. Hope ConDFW went well, Gloria! Gallifrey One was also fantastic! It's always fun to listen to the panels and discuss with other authors.